Wealth planning platform

The technology that helps financial advisors to serve their clients with a structured and holistic approach to their wealth.

Distributed to 24K+ families by 900+ advisors
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Offer your clients lifelong support


Build a 360° view on your clients' complete wealth situation with organised data inventories.

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Detect opportunities to offer your clients the best solutions with powerful estate planning tools.

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Follow up

Offer a digital client experience and build a strong relationship of trust through a user-friendly interface.

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Why PaxFamilia?

Manage all your client data in one place

Collect all your clients’ wealth data in one secured platform and build a scalable database you can rely on.

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Actively engage your clients in their wealth planning

Keep your wealth database up-to-date with the help of your clients and give them 24/7 access to their information through a user-friendly interface.

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Detect opportunities with powerful wealth planning tools

Make forecasts about your clients’ wealth evolution and inheritance with the help of wealth planning and reporting tools directly connected to your clients' data.

A solution for every financial advisor

Private bank

Serve your clients with a global and structured approach to their wealth.

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Get an integrated solution
Detect beneficial opportunities
Offer a digital client experience
Ensure advice accuracy and work efficiency

Family office

Provide your clients with a turnkey digital family office service and gain in business efficiency.

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Up-to-date and reliable data
24/7 accessible client interface
Interactive structure diagrams
Cashflow projections and financial scenarios

Accounting firm

Prepare your organization’s future by offering new global advisory services to your clients.

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Digital document safe
24/7 accessible client interface
User-friendly estate planning tools
Custom client reports

Asset manager

Get a complete understanding of your clients' total financial picture and objectives to offer them the best solution.

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Aggregate your client’s global wealth
Connect with your portfolio Management System
Monitor financial objectives
Create custom client reports

Questions about PaxFamilia

Can I get PaxFamilia in my own brand colours?

Yes you can! PaxFamilia is a white label solution that can be perfectly adapted to your own business. This means PaxFamilia will disappear completely to make room for your own brand: it will be your logo and colours that appear on the platform to make sure you can offer your clients a unique and customised digital experience.

Can I connect PaxFamilia to my own data and tools?

Yes, PaxFamilia's API allows you to build powerful integrations between the platform and your own tools. This way you can collect all necessary data in one place and easily get an overall picture of your clients' financial situation.

Which assets does PaxFamilia support?

PaxFamilia allows you to register and monitor every type of asset, from real estate, companies and bank accounts to investments, life insurances and debts.

How long does it take before I can use PaxFamilia?

In less than 24 hours you can use PaxFamilia with its functions and tools as it's meant to be. All you have to do is complete your client's wealth information and you're good to go!

Can PaxFamilia be contracted in Luxemburg?

PaxFamilia is fully compliant with the CSSF Cloud Computing Circular. Get in touch with us to receive all the required documentation prepared by our legal team with the help of a specialised CSSF consultant.

Still not convinced?


families in Europe use PaxFamilia through their advisors to access, monitor and manage their wealth data.


professionals offer their clients wealth planning assistance and advice through PaxFamilia.


financial institutions can be connected to PaxFamilia in order to easily integrate wealth data in the platform.

Thanks to PaxFamilia, we can put wealth management assistance for our clients at the heart of our offer.

By using PaxFamilia, I obtained a global overview of my assets and got an idea of the value and costs of my inheritance. Thanks to this, I felt prepared to organise my financial future properly.

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