A family-centric wealth platform

PaxFamilia keeps the needs of financial advisors and their clients at heart.

Headquartered in Brussels

International solution

+900 advisors

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Show your clients you care about them

Born as a solution to real families’ problems, PaxFamilia keeps your clients’ needs at heart. The platform supports you in providing solid advice by keeping a family-oriented focus. Thanks to PaxFamilia, you can give your clients the peace of mind they deserve.

Global wealth overview

Help your clients to fully understand their wealth and its structure by offering them a global and contextualized overview on all of their assets.

24/7 access

Give your clients continuous access to their wealth data and allow them to consult it wherever they want, whenever they want.

Digital safe

Thanks to PaxFamilia’s digital safe, you can store and share all your clients’ estate-related documents in one secure place.

Third-party access

By giving their relatives and external advisors access to their wealth information, your clients create a network of trusted individuals around their estate.

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How it started

We asked 120 wealthy families what challenges they faced

Managing their assets was clearly a source of anxiety:

They had no clear overview of their global assets
Their important documents were dispersed everywhere
They felt overwhelmed in their asset follow-up
They worried about their inheritance

Together, we developed a solution

After countless exchanges with these families, we managed to create the solution they needed.

PaxFamilia was born. A platform that greatly facilitated wealth planning thanks to multiple features:

Global estate overview
Donation inventory
Digital document safe
Secured third-party access

The word spread quickly

Families recommended our platform to their friends and invited their trusted advisor to access their wealth passport on PaxFamilia.

Advisors wanted to use PaxFamilia for all their clients

The financial advisors considered using PaxFamilia as an opportunity to support and expand their own services.

To meet their needs, we developed high-performance advisory tools linked to their clients’ asset information.

This way, PaxFamilia became the indispensable wealth planning tool it is today, both for advisors and their clients.

Who are we?

PaxFamilia is the result of a solid cooperation between its board members and dedicated team.

Board members

Guillaume Desclée
Guillaume Desclée
Gaëtane Meurant
Gaëtane Meurant
Guillaume de Monie
Guillaume de Monie
Valentine de Pret
Valentine de Pret
Membre du Conseil
Stéphane Vermeire
Stéphane Vermeire
Board Member
Benoît Frin
Benoît Frin
Membre du Conseil
Emmanuel de Wilde d'Estmael
Emmanuel de Wilde d'Estmael
Membre du Conseil
Guillaume van Rijckevorsel
Guillaume van Rijckevorsel
Membre du Conseil

Country ambassadors

Frédéric Lucet
Frédéric Lucet
Country Ambassador France
Agnieszka NÖEL-DRUZD
Agnieszka NÖEL-DRUZD
Country Ambassador Luxemburg

Our dedicated team is ready to serve you

Behind PaxFamilia is a dynamic team of 21 employees who are committed to delivering the best possible product every day.

With the rapidly developing platform, the team is expanding quickly and specializing even more in all aspects related to wealth planning software.