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At PaxFamilia, the security and confidentiality of your information is at the heart of our concerns.
Protection of your data and files

Monitor the history of connections and modifications made to your account.

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Confidentiality of your data

All the data encoded in our systems are your property. Your information is only accessible to those whom you have given access to. Even PaxFamilia's teams do not have access.

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Security of your account

Access to your PaxFamilia account is protected by a double SMS authentication system. Monitor the history of access and modifications made to your account at any time.

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Protection of your data and files
Data encryption

PaxFamilia protects data-at-rest and data-in-transit between our applications and our servers. Data travelling over the network is encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. Each file is encrypted with a unique key before being stored. Similarly, all data allowing you to be identified is encrypted before being saved.

Files backup

Your encrypted files are stored redundantly on multiple devices among multiple installations that minimise the risk of data loss while maintaining confidentiality. You also have the option to download backups of your files at any time.

Security of our infrastructures

We use the best infrastructure providers in the market, and perform regular tests on our applications to identify and correct vulnerabilities. We also work with security and data protection specialists in order to meet the industry's most stringent standards.

Confidentiality of your data
Privacy Policy and ownership of your data

PaxFamilia advocates for the portability of information of its users. Your data belongs to you. Manage external access to your information as you wish. At any time you can download your data, delete your account and erase all traces of your presence on our site.

Anonymity of information

The information encoded in our systems is encrypted and anonymous, making it unusable for any access not authorised by the owner of the information, and this also applies to members of PaxFamilia teams.

Security of your account
Double SMS authentication

PaxFamilia requires the use of a one-time six-digit code for each login to your account.

Secure and controlled external access

Any external persons to whom you have given a right of access (total or partial read-only) to your information must register and identify themselves via a two-step validation.

Access history and monitoring of modifications made

Monitor the history of connections and modifications made to your account.

PaxFamilia is a financial and inheritance planning tool that has been developed by GuiSquare. GuiSquare SA was incorporated in July 2017 by Gaëtane Meurant, Guillaume de Monie and Guillaume Desclée, the three founding partners. Today the company has more than ten employees, and offers its tools for wealth management support in Belgium and Luxembourg, and soon to be in France.

Paxfamilia team photo
In the beginning there was the end user (2017):

At the start of the project, the founders of PaxFamilia (GuiSquare SA) brought together a hundred families, clients of Family Offices or private banks, to understand the problems that they encountered in the context of their wealth management. The main feedback they collected was as follows:

  1. A lack of overview of the family wealth;

  2. Dispersion and a loss of control of the wealth information (documents, etc.);

  3. A concern for administrative management

  4. Concerns about the smooth running of the transmission of wealth (family unit and optimisation of the inheritance).

Families who shared their concerns with the founding trio were invited back a few weeks later to be presented with a proposed solution. This was the genesis of the PaxFamilia tool:

  • A family tree;

  • A consolidated view of the family wealth;

  • A digital assistant;

  • A digital vault to collect and organise wealth documentation;

  • An inventory and statement of donations;

  • Tools for financial projections and inheritance calculations

During this second presentation, all families approved the proposal made by the founders, and confirmed that PaxFamilia met their needs. The founders proposed to them that they pre-finance the development of the tool by subscribing in advance to PaxFamilia. The funds raised enabled the team to invest in the development of the solution and to have their initial turnover.


For 6 months, the PaxFamilia team and the hundred or so families worked together to develop a solution that could best meet the needs and problems encountered by users.

From "Founding families" to "all stakeholders in wealth management" (2018)

The first "founding family" clients of PaxFamilia, satisfied at having found and co-developed the tool that they really needed, widely publicised the fact in their close circles, and spoke of this to their advisers (bankers, family officers, etc.). The latter, in turn, asked PaxFamilia to develop a suitable solution to be able to offer PaxFamilia to their own clients.

 The company then decided to reorient its activities by focusing on a BtoB offer, aimed at professionals, while continuing to collaborate with its founding client base in order to stay closer to the reality of the end user.

Today, PaxFamilia enables Family Offices, wealth management advisers, estate planners, trustees and insurance brokers to simplify their day-to-day wealth management work, and to improve their clients' experience regarding their wealth information. PaxFamilia has also become the central tool for the wealth management of one of the largest private international banks.


PaxFamilia's mission is to develop tools to help manage, monitor and transmit wealth in order to help professionals work more efficiently. 

What fundamentally drives the PaxFamilia teams is the development of easy-to-use and effective tools in order to allow any wealth holder (be it in constitution or ready for transmission) to be able to make it grow and to share it with peace of mind.


PaxFamilia enables everything related directly or indirectly to your wealth to be encoded;

  • Information about family members involved in your heritage
  • The constituent parts of the wealth (movable and immovable property, financial income, insurance, etc.)
  • Information having an impact on the succession (the matrimonial regime, the donations made, any will and testament, etc.)

Documents related to each asset are uploaded and added to the digital vault. These documents can be consulted within a flexible structure.

The platform offers a comprehensive overview of wealth and related documents. It is accessible from any place and at any time in a confidential and highly secure environment.

A series of modules enables certain operations and simulations to be carried out on the basis of the information contained in the platform: operational management, financial projections, wealth analysis reports, wealth development, estate simulator, etc.  

Finally, thanks to an intuitive layout tool, a variety of customisable reports, illustrated with graphs and tables, can be generated.

Discover our team

Guillaume Desclée
CEO - Co-founder
Guillaume de Monie
CTO - Co-founder
Gaëtane Meurant
CLO - Co-founder
Gabrielle van Outryve
Customer Success Manager
Sarah Everard
Key Account Manager
Thibaut de Briey
Head of Operations
Géraud Missonnier
Business Developer - Wallonie, Luxembourg, France
Tom Vandenbussche
Business Developer- Flandre et Pays-Bas
Manuel Sousa
Full Stack Developer
Thierry de Pauw
Lead Software Engineer
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Een aanzet tot digitaal vermogensbeheer

PaxFamilia ontwikkelde een digitale tool om vermogensbeheer eenvoudiger te maken. De start-up overtuigde rijke families, maar ook BNP Paribas Fortis.

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La Libre 13/03/2019
PaxFamilia reinvente la gestion patrimoniale en la numérisant

La start-up bruxelloise a créé une plateforme d'aide à la gestion patrimoniale. avec méthode et efficacité.

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Trends Tendance 31/01/2019
PaxFamilia ce "family office" digital

De la planification financière et successorale simple et performante au travers d'une interface entièrement numérisée.

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La plateforme numérique PaxFamilia révolutionne la gestion patrimoniale

BNP Paribas Fortis s’est alliée à la start-up PaxFamilia pour proposer une plateforme de gestion patrimoniale flexible, complète et sécurisée. Hébergeant un bilan patrimonial, un inventaire des donations et un coffre- fort numérique, cette solution présente une série d’outils dynamiques qui permet aux familles de disposer de leurs informations patrimoniales, et aux gestionnaires de leur fournir le meilleur conseil.

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Echo Connect 12/07/2018
PaxFamilia: Revolutie in vermogensbeheer

Dankzij de samenwerking met de start-up pax familia biedt BNP Paribas Fortis een flexibel, compleet en beveiligd vermogensbeheerplatform aan. Gebruikers krijgen een vermogensbalans, een inventaris van giften en een digitale kluis. Dankzij deze dynamische tools verbeteren families het zicht op hun patrimonium en verlenen beheerders hen het beste advies.

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De Tijd 14/04/2018
BNP Paribas Fortis stapt in digitale stamboom

Hebt u als vermogende familie een ingewikkelde stamboom of dreigen er erfenis kwesties? Het platform PaxFamilia geeft een overzicht van alle bezittingen en structuren.

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Ce «familyoffice 2.0» qui séduit BNPP Fortis

La banque s’adjuge 25 % du capital de cette start-up belge spécialisée dans la conception d’outils numériques d’aide à la gestion patrimoniale.

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BNPP Fortis s’offre PaxFamilia pour éviter des successions à la Hallyday

À peine sevrée, la start-up GuiSquare a déjà séduit
la banque belge avec son site patrimonial voué à éviter les conflits familiaux.

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