We are a family-centric wealth platform

We offer advisors a way to delight their clients and to access their global wealth information

We asked 120 wealthy families what challenges they face

Managing their assets was a source of anxiety.

  • They had no clear overview on global wealth.
  • Their important documents were dispersed everywhere.
  • They felt overwhelmed in their asset follow-up.
  • They worried about their succession.

We designed a prototype and co-developed the tool with these families

We spent countless back and forth with families to tailor the solution they needed.

  • Global estate overview on their assets.
  • Donation inventory.
  • Digital vault to centralize the documentation.
  • Third-party secured access to information.

Families promoted PaxFamilia to their trusted advisor and invited them to access their wealth information

Families recommended PaxFamilia to their friends and invited their trusted advisor to access their wealth passport on PaxFamilia.

Advisors urged us to distribute PaxFamilia to all their clients and to create added value advising tools

When advisors discovered PaxFamilia, they realized how much value they could create if they offer such a service to all their clients.

They urged us to create and connect performing wealth planning tools on PaxFamilia to enhance their advice.

Since that day, PaxFamilia offers all type of trusted advisors the possibility to offer digital wealth planning services to their clients across Europe.

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