Collaborate safely with trusted third parties

Manage and control access to your clients' information securely.

The problem the advisor encounters

Managing collaboration and communication between different advisors working on the same file is sometimes complex. The sending of information must be secure, and we must ensure that everyone can work on the same information base without losing efficiency.

The solution Efficience ®provides

Efficience® has easy-to-use financial and inheritance planning tools. They allow the creation of a large number of simulations in which the data can be modified, deleted and completed while being based on the initial data, which is preserved.

  • 5-1-Gestion-des-accès
  • 5-2-Gestion-des-droits
  • 5-3-Traçabilité-de-l-activité


  • Access management

    Allow access to your clients' information. Either to their family members or to your own employees.

  • Rights management

    Give rights (to write and/or read) and different roles to users who can access your clients' accounts.

  • Traceability of the activity

    Follow in real time the activity (connections, changes, etc.) of the accounts of your clients and your employees.

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