Manage and control your business

Take advantage of the management dashboards that are available to you for a full overview of your activities.

The problem the advisor encounters

It is difficult to get an overview of the performance of your business and organise the centralisation of client information. The confidentiality and security of information must be ensured within the company, and internal leaks must be prevented.

The solution Efficience ®provides

Efficience ® allows the business manager to create business management dashboards, gain insight into the client profile, and ensure perfect traceability of the company's client account activities.

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  • 7-2-Suivi-de-l-activité-des-utilisateurs
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Find out more

  • A graphical view of your activities

    Get a graphical view of your client characteristics and key indicators of your activities.

  • Monitoring user activities

    Access your organisation's workflow at any time by having a global or detailed overview of the main events of your client accounts.

  • Employee access management

    Manage the access and actions of your employees.

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