Automate the encoding of client data and simplify your life

Download and update your clients' wealth data more easily.

The problem the advisor encounters

The advisor devotes a large part of his time to encoding and updating his clients' data. This repetitive and expensive manual work is often a source of error.

The solution Efficience ®provides

Efficience®  allows the encoding and the automatic updating of wealth information. As a result, the advisor can devote most of his time to analysing this information to better advise his clients.

  • 1-1-Import-automatique-des-données
  • 1-2-Données-évolutives
  • 1-3-Indexations

Find out

  • Automatic data import

    Directly import your clients' data via Excel and CSV files.

  • Scalable data

    The encoded data is automatically updated according to the encoded parameters or development hypotheses that have been defined.

  • Indexations

    Periodic indexing of some of your income or expenses is carried out automatically.

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