Family peace

A more harmonious family financial communication

Offer tools for intra-family financial governance to avoid conflicts.

The problem the advisor encounters

Money issues are often taboo topics within families. The lack of transparency and communication between parents and their children can be triggers for conflict during an inheritance. The family arrangement could be irreversibly shaken if parents do not anticipate these affairs in their lifetime.

The solution Efficience ®provides

Opt for clarity by allowing your family to have a comprehensive or detailed view of the wealth that will be transmitted on the day of your death. Also avoid imbalances between brothers and sisters by planning fair sharing during your lifetime.


  • 10-1-acces-controle-a-linventaire-du-patrimoine
  • 10-2-Situation-des-donations


  • Controlled access to the estate overview

    Clients can have full transparency with their relatives via a read-only-access so that, when they pass away, there will be no bad surprises.

  • Situation of donations

    Clients encode the details of donations made in the past, and can plan future donations in a timely and balanced manner with respect to all family members.

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