Personalised advice adapted to the client's requirements

Provide your clients with the wealth information that suits them, whether they are novices or experts.


Clients' problems

Clients receive information in the form of a report that does not always match their expectations. Such report is often either too long or too detailed. It is impractical, not very accessible, and not very digestible. The perception of the service delivered by the professional is devalued.

The solution you offer

Give your clients the opportunity to check their account online and produce the reports themselves with the information they are looking for. Send them reports tailored to their needs when they need them in a few clicks.

  • 9-1-Vue-patrimoniale-dynamique
  • 9-2-Accès-aux-tiers
  • 9-3-Rapports-personnalisés


  • Dynamic wealth view

    The clients access online the overview of the family wealth. They can generate in a few clicks the graphical analyses of their choice or obtain the detail of each assets.


  • Third party access

    Other members of the family can either access the entire wealth analysis or be limited to a partial view of the documents stored in the digital safe.

  • Customised reports

    The advisor can easily produce detailed reports tailored to the clients' wishes. These reports are available online or can be submitted in electronic format.

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