A centralised and organised wealth information

Give your client the feeling of well-being that everything is in one place.

The problem the advisor encounters

The client often fears that his wealth information is incomplete and that the important related documents are scattered in several places. He wishes to avoid that on the day of his death, his heirs must manage this administrative constraint.

The solution Efficience ®provides

Keep track of the transactions made (for example: donations) and centralize all the important documents of your client (contracts, documents, reports, etc.) in a digital vault.

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  • 8-2-Inventaire-des-donations
  • 8-3-Coffre-fort-digital


  • Wealth analysis

    An overview of the 360 ° family estate and the detailed description of each asset.

  • Donations overview

    A complete, detailed and documented inventory of the donations made within the family as well as a clear inventory of the situation allowing a rebalancing between the members.

  • Digital vault

    A secure place where all important documents relating to the client's assets are stored and organized.

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