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Advise your clients in an informed way with the planning tools connected to their wealth analysis

The problem the advisor encounters

Existing financial and inheritance planning tools on the market operate independently of each other and are not intuitive. The information that feeds them is global and approximate. It does not take the specificities of each asset and therefore cannot provide a relevant result.

The solution Efficience ®provides

Efficience ® has easy-to-use financial and inheritance planning tools. They allow the creation of a large number of simulations in which the data can be modified, deleted and completed while being based on the initial data, which is preserved.

  • 4-1-Une-base-d-information-fiable
  • 4-2-Un-simulateur-de-planification-financière-incomparable
  • 4-3-Un-simulateur-successoral-innovant


  • A reliable information base

    The financial and estate simulators draw the detailed information directly from the wealth analysis to carry out their simulations and calculations.

  • An unequalled financial planning simulator

    Conduct financial simulations based on the specific objectives of your clients. Get a graphic and detailed projection of their future cashflows and growth of their wealth.

  • An innovative estate simulator

    The estate simulator achieves unmatched accuracy while remaining easy to use. It allows for an almost unlimited number of scenarios that allow you to better advise your clients.

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