Surprise your clients with impressive wealth analysis reports

In a few clicks, generate the most impressive wealth analysis reports that your clients have never received.

The problem the advisor encounters

The advisor will formalise his analysis and offer advice through reports. However, there is often a big gap between the low (visual) quality of these reports and the high added value of their content. In addition, these reports take a considerable amount of time to be completed, often using Excel or Powerpoint, and are prone to multiple errors. As a result, they greatly reduce the added value of the service, as perceived by the client, and are therefore little read.


The solution Efficience ®provides
Efficience® enables the advisor to create customised wealth analysis reports for their clients easily by significantly reducing the risk of error. All you have to do is draw the wealth information previously encoded on the platform and reproduce it in the desired form.
  • 2-1-Définition-du-format-de-rapport
  • 2-2-Mise-à-jour-des-données-du-clients
  • 2-3-Partage-de-l’information

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  • Defining the report format

    The drag-and-drop design tool allows you to build typical report structures, define their content and layout.

  • Updating client data

    Apply the report format of your choice for the client. Data, charts and tables will be automatically adjusted.

  • Information sharing

    Share the report branded with your logo and identity with the client as a PDF file or online report.

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