PaxFamilia is secured by design

PaxFamilia has been designed from the foundation to be secure. Our platform meets the highest security and confidentiality requirements from the banking industry.

Data encryption

The data on PaxFamilia is always encrypted, both during data transfer and at rest. Only the strictly necessary and authorised user will get access to the data.

Two-factor authentification

Via our two-factor authentication system at login, we prevent identity theft. No one can impersonate you or your client and thus gain access to confidential data.

Activity log

We are convinced that transparency is an essential building block for a relationship of trust between you and your client. This is why PaxFamilia includes an unforgeable activity log that records all the performed actions.

Account Service Provider (AISP)

We are AISP-licensed. This means you can connect PaxFamilia to your trusted banking services. The license also demonstrates the trust even the highest authorities have in our security.

penetration tests

We are routinely tested for any compromises our platform may have. After translating the tests into reports, we immediately adjust our security policy.


We are hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services), one of the most secure cloud providers in Europe. AWS conducts and encrypts our back-ups while using the latest techniques to ensure your data is secure at all times.


Not only do we comply with the regulatory GDPR requirements, but we also developed a well functioning information security management system (ISMS).

On the road to ISO 27001

We are even taking it one step further. In 2021, we want to give you the peace of mind you and your clients deserve by becoming ISO27001 certified.

SLA and Business Continuty

Our policies are designed to ensure that, whatever happens, your data is always safe on PaxFamilia. Responsibilities within our company are clearly defined and our DPO will always answer any security questions you may have.

Questions about our security and confidentiality measures?