Back up your advice with a reliable information base

Easily access the consolidated view and detail of your clients' wealth.

The problem the advisor encounters

Clients do not always report all their wealth information to their advisor. The advisor therefore risks providing advice on the basis of partial, incomplete or erroneous information.


The solution Efficience ®provides

Efficience® provides the clients with a wealth analysis that will encourage them to provide complete and correct information. Intuitively, they will answer questions in detail, which will result in a faithful representation of their assets allowing an exact planning calculation.

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  • 3-2-Description-détaillée-des-biens
  • 3-3-Coffre-fort-digital

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  • Fully customisable graphical analysis

    Get a graphical analysis of all or part of the wealth of your clients, their family members or their companies.

  • Detailed description of the assets

    Access the detailed information of their assets: general description, type of assets (e.g. division) and analysis of the charges and income they generate

  • Digital vault

    Centralise, organise and comment on important documents related to your clients' wealth in a secure digital safe.

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