Wealth planning platform

Enhance your financial advice and client experience through an all-in-one wealth management platform.

Wealth planning platform

Asset Inventory
Financial Planning Tool
Visualisation tool of global wealth structures
Complete asset inventory
Advanced estate planning tools connected to the client's wealth information
Visualisation of global wealth structures
An interface for all your patrimonial needs

PaxFamilia is a wealth management platform offering you all integrations and wealth planning services you need. Each product in the platform is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when you use them together. 

Client portal

Your clients can access and monitor their assets 24/7.

  • Family structure
  • Asset inventory
  • Donation inventory
  • Digital document vault
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Wealth visualisation

Make the most complex wealth structures understandable through clear visualisations.

  • Clear ownership framework
  • Interactive structure diagrams
  • Look-through approach
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Custom reports

Generate and customise in no-time complete patrimonial reports.

  • Template design
  • Tables and charts library
  • PDF export
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Financial Planning

Create realistic financial simulations to predict and guide your client's financial future.

  • Make cash flow projections
  • Monitor your client's wealth evolution
  • Evaluate financial objectives
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Inheritance Planning (BE)

Plan and organise your client's inheritance through detailed simulations.

  • Organise your client's inheritance
  • Reduce inheritance taxes
  • Add bequests
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Objective Planning

Monitor your client's objectives and create concrete financial plans to reach their goals.

  • Monitor the objectives' evolution
  • Create and share objective templates
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Inform your clients with up-to-date and reliable data

Using an efficient information base

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Track all types of assets
You can easily track all types of assets, liabilities or donations and monitor their value, linked cashflows, returns...
Access the true net worth
PaxFamilia helps you and your client to see the total picture by contextualising his global wealth into a clear family and ownership structure.
Visualise wealth data
You can make every type of information (asset data, financial simulations, wealth structures...) even more comprehensive by displaying them in charts, graphs and diagrams.
Connect to other data sources
By connecting bank accounts, company registers or private data bases to your client's PaxFamilia account, you dispose of all the information you need to provide efficient advise.
Store and share documents
You can easily add documents such as contracts, agreements or certificates to each asset or simulation and share them with the necessary people.
Manage third-party accesses
By giving access to your client's family members or other advisors, you can collaborate and communicate more efficiently than ever.
Already hundreds of advisors are innovating
Different type of advisors optimise their services with PaxFamilia:

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